Your artisan printer is a printing company specialized in event badges and documentation. We can make all types of printing jobs in small and large formats, as well as numerous quantities.

We are fully equipped for digital cutting and engraving, allowing us to propose the most cutting-edge and tailor-made products, even in small quantities. We can print on all types of supports and materials such as plastic, metal, plexiglass, wood,… whether they are rigid or soft (up to 10 cm thick).

The badging Specialist

Badgeman Printing is the badging specialist in Europe. From one-day badges for special events to last-longing badges for your employees, our broad offer will be the solution to your budget and expectations. We can deliver even small quantities and can deal with event time-limits.

Badges for all your organisational needs, whatever they are

Highly creative badges that will make you look good

A reliable partner you can count on

Badges for all your organisational needs, whatever they are

Innovative, creative and efficient products

A professional assistance for all organizers who don’t want to worry about anything other than their event

The specialist in event documentation

We have a great experience in the event world, as we have been producing small and large format documents helping you in every step of your event for years

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