Small Format Prints

Who’s who and Guestlists

Informs participants about who will attend, their profession, group membership, etc.

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Small Format Stickers

  • White and transparent vinyls
  • Sandblasted
  • All forms and quantities possible
  • Digital printing and cutting, screen, offset, etc.
  • Four-color and WHITE printing
  • Matt or glossy lamination
  • Dooming
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Nominative table plans and table nominettes

Each participant receives a table name card which indicates their table number and their position in the room. The totem placed on the table enables them to identify their table immediately. If necessary, a nominette indicates his precise position at the table.

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Table totems

Table identification. Our standard totems measure 30 x 10 x 10. The rectangular shape allows them to be transported "flat" while leaving a large area for identifying tables, sponsors, etc. They allow tables to be identified at the first try even from a distance. Other forms are possible.

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Table plans

All formats possible. Combined with table totems and nominettes, the plan allows participants to quickly and in good order find their table, and even possibly their place at the table.

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Mini-programs (with or without site map)

It fits in your pocket or in a handbag. Participants always know when and where to go!

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Brochures, leaflets, flyers, folders, etc.

Collection of information of all kinds about your event, the organizer, the context, etc.

  • Digital printing (small quantities) or offset
  • Standard and non-standard formats
  • Binding by staples, glued / sewn back, rings, etc.
  • Digital or shape cutting
  • Several folder templates available
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Reply cards

Finish, material and format on request. Personalization significantly increases the quality of the work and saves you the tedious work of manual writing.

  • Personalization: front and back, text, photos, pictograms, color codes, bar codes, QR code, etc.
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The envelopes are personalized with the names of the participants using the same colors and fonts as on the invitation. The quality of the invitation is greatly increased and you avoid the tedious work of writing on the envelopes by hand.

  • Personalization and digital printing (small quantities possible)
  • Usual formats (American, 10x15, square, A4, A5, ...)
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