Complementary Products


  • Personalization: photo, texte, pictogrammes, reliefs, etc.
  • Printing : Silver, gold, four-color, mono, serigraphy, color reliefs, etc.

Fridge and Car Magnets

  • Personalization: photo, text, pictograms, gradients, QR codes, etc.
  • Printing: Four-color, mono, serigraphy,etc.
  • With or without lamination (matt or glossy)
  • High grip magnet for car
  • All dimensions and forms (cut in our workshops).

Phone Accessories

Screen cleaner

  • Personalization: photo, text, pictograms, gradients, etc.
  • Colors : Silver, Gold, four-color, mono, serigraphy, etc.

Embroidered Badges

  • Personalization: photo, text, pictograms, different sizes, etc.
  • Colors: Silver, Gold, four-color, mono, serigraphy, etc.

Key Rings

  • Personalization: gradient, numbering, text, pictograms, embossed or embedded, different sizes, different closure, token for caddy, pvc, metal, etc.
  • Colors : ilver, Gold, four-color, mono, serigraphy, etc.


The size of a passport, displays all useful information on your event, such as the program, a sitemap, training summaries, slides, etc.With VDP (Variable Data Printing), each participant can has her/his own personalized item. Such a powerful organization tool.

Picto and signage

Street signs in engraved brass or plexiglass, safety pictograms, orientation signs, plaques with names or locations, orientation or evacuation plans, etc. Stickers Printing on pvc, plexi, dibond, stickers, reflective materials, phosphorescent , magnetic, etc. Digital cutting to all shapes and sizes. Manufacturing and INSTALLATION.


  • Tokens in white or colored plastic, or in wood of different diameters.
  • Personalization by digital printing colors + WHITE
  • Laser engraving on the wood.
  • Even in small quantities

Promotional items

White allows printing on colored or transparent objects. The glossy varnish spotted offers original finishes and high luxury. Bics, USB keys, powerbanks, notebooks, sliding games, tokens, golf balls, lanyards, car or motorcycle license plate holders, covers for smartphones or tablets, laptops, radios, bottle openers, key chains, wooden boxes, folding meters, candy boxes, frisbees… Promotional items personalized by thermal transfer or embroidery: t-shirts, umbrellas, caps, jackets, mugs, bags, etc. Glass or plexi trophies.

  • Promotional items personalized by digital color printing + WHITE + GLOSS VARNISH
  • Even in small quantities
  • Maximum thickness of 10cm


  • All forms and dimensions available thanks to direct UV printing and digital cutting
  • Short deadlines for small quantities thanks to our internal production.

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