Badges accessories

Rigid and security badge holders

Solid badge holder for optimal protection of your access cards.

  • Available for insertions of 1 to 5 cards
  • 1 or 2 side protection

Displays: transport and distribution of badges

Our displays are powerful organizational tools that will save you a lot of time. Our display foam is made of ECO foam. Production is based on an environmentally friendly vacuum technology, without the use of harmful blowing agents.

  • Easy transport
  • Badges delivered ready to be distributed, sorted by categories and according to your wishes
  • No more tedious set-up to do
References Informations
MOUSSE Plateau pour rangement de +- 80 badges de tailles 86x54mm
PRESPL Plateau en plastique avec couvercle de rangement de +-75 badges de tailles 85x54mm
VAL Valisette de rangement de +-!( badges de taille 86x54mm

Pre-cut sheets of fabric or cardboard

A4 sheets in micro-perforated cardboard or pre-cut self-adhesive fabric for your printed badges.

  • Digital micro-perforation and kiss-cutting - all sizes and shapes possible
  • Pre-printing for transplanting in black only (speed)
References Informations
CAO Badge en carton, feuilles prédécoupée
Formats standards et sur mesure
BATEX Badge en tissu, feuilles prédécoupée
Formats standards et sur mesure

Lanyards – Chokers

Chockers for wallet or badge / hanging plaque

  • Attachment of your choice: plastic or metal crocodile clip, nickel-plated hook, safety clip, phone clip, unwinder clip, carabiner, etc.
  • Many colors
  • Printing: in one or more colours
  • Many materials, some of which are recyclable or biodegradable
  • Small or large quantities
  • Short deadlines possible on certain products (for urgent situations)
References Informations
ATCOM Lanyard with carabiner
ATCOCN Lanyard with nickel-plated hook
ATCOC Lanyard with crocodile clip


Attachments for badges and badge holders.

References Informations
ATMAG Magnetic fixing, small and large format
ATCE24 Clip and pin attachment
ATPL Alligator clip with reinforced vinyl strap
ATBRET Suspender clip with reinforced strap
ATZIP Color plastic housing zip
ATEA Adhesive safety pin

Soft Pouches

Flexible pocket to insert a customizable cardboard -front or front / back. To hang with a lanyard

  • Many standard stock sizes
  • Horizontal or vertical
  • Possibility of pre-printing and custom manufacturing
  • Personalized urns to recover your pouches and lanyards at the end of the event
References Informations
PO6090 Badge holder for cardboard 60x90 mm
PO70100 Badge holder for cardboard 70x100mm
IDS61 Hermetic badge holder for cardboard 86x54 mm
IDS61EV Hermetic badge holder for cardboard 105x148 mm
IDS31.1 Badge holder for cardboard 105x70 mm
IDS31.2 Badge holder for cardboard 86x101 mm
IDS31.3 Badge holder for cardboard 90x120 mm
IDS38 Badge holder for 2 cards 86x54 mm
IDS35 Badge holder with color for cardboard 60x90 mm
POJO Badge holder for cardboard A6 105x148 mm

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